About Countryside Stewardship

The Credit River countryside is a special place. We are drawn to it for different reasons, but the need to keep our water and natural resources healthy and abundant is something we all have in common. Everyone has a role to play. When individuals take responsibility for caring for their land – we call this stewardship. By participating in the Connection, you’re already on your way to being an awesome countryside steward.

CVC’s Countryside Stewardship Program can help you protect the land you love in other ways too. We offer workshops, resources and technical and financial assistance to help Credit River watershed residents manage their land, water, and wildlife.

CVC’s Stewardship Coordinators are available anytime to discuss your land management and stewardship goals. Feel free to get in touch with us right here, on the Connection, or contact us by email or phone. We’d love to hear from you.


For agricultural and equine landowners contact:

Mark Eastman

(905) 670-1615, ext. 430



For rural non-farm landowners contact:

Alison Qua-Enoo

(905) 670-1615, ext. 438



1-800-668-5557 or visit us at www.creditvalleyca.ca/countrysidestewardship