13 Monarchs at once!

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    On August 1st long weekend, my son and I counted 13 Monarch caterpillars in a patch of milkweed that stretched about 20 feet!
    2 had started metamorphosis!
    We snapped a picture of 2 of them happily munching away.

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    I’ve noticed at lot of monarch this summer. Has anyone else?

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    I found this neat video of a monarch from egg to caterpillar to butterfly. What an amazing transformation!

    Egg to butterfly video

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    The North American Native Plant Society has a list of commercial native plant growers. There is a list for Ontario and although I don’t think any of them are in the Credit River watershed, there are a few in the surrounding areas.

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    Thank you @OakRidgesMoraineFoudation for posting these nursery names! I’ll also continue to look into local sources of Milkweed and will post again if I track any down.

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    Hi, there are several places you can try in Ontario. They are listed below. I would love to see your picture if you can post it or feel free to email it to me at support@ormf.com or info@oakridgestrail.org. Thanks much appreciated.

    Acorus Restoration Native Plant Nursery – ecologyart.com – info@ecologyart.com – 519.586.2603

    Grow Wild – grow-wild.com – 705.793.3136

    Jack & Ginger Native Plant Nursery – native_plants@hotmail.com – 416.990.3973

    Natural Themes – naturalthemes.com – bheissler@kos.net – 613.398.7971

    WILD Canada – Native Plant Nursery and Ecological Consulting – wildcanada.ca – info@wildcanada.ca – 613.398.7971

    Wild Things – wild-things.ca – wildthings@wightman.ca – 519.338.3228

    Wildflower Farm – wildflowerfarm.com – info@wildflowerfarm.com – 866.476.9453

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    Do you know of a Garden Nursery who would sell Milweed plants so that I can attract Monarchs to my garden? I have asked Sheridan Nurseries and apparently they don’t stock them and advised me to try getting them mailed from the USA and said that they have been asked many times for this information!

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    That’s great to hear! I haven’t seen very many monarchs this year (or last) so I’m encouraged by your news. Can you post one of your pictures?

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    That’s amazing. I want to plant milkweed and hopefully attract some monarchs.

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